The "Best Beach in Freeport"

How to Get to Junkanoo Beach Club

  • Arriving on Cruise Ship?
  • Take a Small Taxi (It's Fast)
  • Instruct Dispatcher and Driver
  • Junkanoo Beach Club at Taino Beach
  • You'll See a Sign on Midshipman Rd.
  • Taxi will Turn into Taino Beach
  • You'll See the Junkanoo Beach Club Sign!
  • You'll Have a Great Time!

Transportation to the Junkanoo Beach Club at Taino Beach...
If you arrive by cruise ship and plan to visit the beach, the fastest
 way to get here is to use one of the friendly, professionally
driven taxis waiting at the harbor.
Tell the dispatcher and the driver, you want to visit
the JUNKANOO BEACH CLUB at Taino Beach.

Small taxis load quickly (usually a max of 12 persons) and can
have you on your way while big buses may take much longer to
roundup 50 people and get them on the bus.
Since the loading process has to be repeated twice, that's a lot of time
that could be spent enjoying the beach instead.

Taxis also offer a flexible schedule which means you can arrange
an extra 30 minutes or more if you have a hard time getting out
of that beach chair.

The legal taxi fare is posted on a board at the harbor.  The legal fee is
$14 round trip per person to the Junkanoo Beach Club.

If you choose the free public beach, the fare $10 roundtrip per person.
But, keep in mind, there are NO facilities available  at the
public beach (Clean Restrooms, Changing Rooms and Showers) as there are at Junkanoo Beach Club.  And frankly, when you consider the Free Amenities
available at the Junkanoo Beach Club the choice is obvious.

Also keep in mind, if  you buy a Junkanoo Beach Club Package, 
transportation costs are built in.
If you did not purchase one of our packages directly from us,
in advance, the entry fee to Junkanoo Beach Club Freeport
is only $3.00 per  person.

Included with this $3.00 entry fee:
- Wifi
- Showers
- Changing Rooms
- and Clean Restrooms

We know you will have a wonderful time at Junkanoo Beach Club.
See you at the Beach!

Attention: Google Maps is currently showing the Junkanoo Beach Club Freeport as "The Ritz Beach Resort". This is the location of Junkanoo Beach. We are working with Google to correct this ASAP. Thank you.

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